Senior looks forwarding to worry free outing with her fallcall fall detection watch app

Working in Collaboration with AARP Innovation Labs

Smart Fall Detection Will Get Smarter

Breakthrough smart fall detection with central monitoring* adds AI powered fall risk monitoring for Apple Watch


Gain the freedom to live independently.

SmarterFallNet powered machine learning will monitor and alert users of walking patterns associated with increased fall risk.

SimplerOne-tap “Nighttime Fall Monitor” mode will activate fall detection** while FallNet monitors for sleep, wake and walking.

SaferOnly nighttime fall monitor users will receive personalized overnight activity report. Users can choose to share their report with Care Group.

Working in Collaboration with AARP Innovation Labs

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*Optional 24/7 central monitoring subscription is required.
**Extensive fall lab tests performed by FallCall Solutions show that FallCall Detect can detect up to 90%+ of high-impact falls (from a standing position) with up to 80% of low-impact falls (from a sitting position) with up to 70%+ differentiation accuracy. Results may vary secondary to movement variability.